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Three fantastic short plays about marriage from Nina Mansfield:

Bona Fide - In this satire, Anna has married Samir so that he can stay in the country, and he is eternally grateful. As they celebrate their new marriage with champagne, Anna discovers a letter from the state. At first it seems like a routine immigration letter, but as they read on, they realize that the state is asking for proof that their marriage has been consummated.

The Ping and the Pong of It - As Tina and Gavin measure a small room in their new apartment for a ping pong table, it becomes apparent that Tina no longer wants a ping pong table. In fact she never wanted a ping pong table. Gavin is crushed. Can their marriage survive?

Bite Me - Ellen has a surprise for her husband Mark, and no, it isn’t a new puppy dog. She’s brought home a vampire. After all, he did say that he wanted to spend all eternity with her, and wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to age in the process.

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